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"The author is a multifaceted and multi-talented individual, who has led an extraordinary life, to it's fullest. The twists and turns his life has taken is as interesting as his cave exploration adventures.The author's sense of humor shines through, and makes this a quick and enjoyable read. For all you feline financiers, there is much in the book about the author's relationship with his feline companions over the years, and their exploits, as well. I really am enjoying the book, despite my lack of connection with cats in my life; but it' s much more than about 'The Cat Connection.' "   -- E.K., Albany, NY

“Anybody who likes cats should read this book. And even if you're not a cat person, it's likely to make

you a cat lover. I loved it! "

– Sweetadeline, Ocean

City, MD

“Are you a lover of cats who enjoys a well written story? Then "The Cat Connection" is a must read. It combines a heartfelt story from an excellent writer, who is obviously well spoken and well rounded, as he presents his life's journey in the company of his best friend--a cat. As you read this book you will meet all his feline friends and gain insight into the author's very full life. I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the interaction between humans and animals!”

– E. L., Chesapeake, VA

“Well written and More than I expected. Commanding grasp of the English language leaves the reader with an excellent picture that is still easy to read and enjoy. I immediately passed it to my 10 year old daughter who enjoyed as much if not more than I did. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the written word, fabulous story with heart and soul to boot.”  – K. L., Hebron, MD

Author L. D. Matthews, noted pet photographer, cave explorer, magazine editor, and pilot.  In this fascinating book, he introduces us to the cat friends he has had from the 1940's to the present.

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True adventure stories with a lifetime of cats

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